One night a UFO crashes somewhere in rural fields. Ushitsuki, local farmer(and a cow girl) finds the alien who now needs to repair his space ship using colors hidden in Ushitsuki's dreams.

Moonday is heavily inspired by Yume Nikki and shares some mechanics with it - exploration of dream worlds via going to bed, finding/equipping special "effects" which change character's appearance/abilities, etc.

Version 0.38 is Windows only currently
new features:

In-game menu - Options, Effect previews, Quit
Change music and sound effects volume, access Fullscreen mode
WASD movement support
New tracks for Crossroad Nexus, Night and Day Balcony, Wheat Field and Night Barn areas, by Nullifi and voxelectrica

Version 0.37 is a browser playable Godot engine port - there are same features and some temporarily disabled, more updates coming this summer!

And featuring 4 remastered tracks by Nullifi! (check them out on Twitter and YT)

Version 0.36 beta Features:

  • 8-directional movement
  • Gamepad support
  • Two buoyant dream worlds in mellow manner
  • Few mini-"events" and an easter egg
  • 12 short ambient/cheesy music tracks


  • Z/A-button - Confirm, Act
  • X/B-button - Decline, Back
  • Shift/X-button - Use equipped Effect
  • Tab/Y-button - Wake up(when asleep), Delete Save File 

Made during Dream Diary Jam 4 (2020), Dream Diary Jam 5 (2021)


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Moonday v.036 Completion Guide.txt 1 kB
Moonday 0.37.8 Windows 23 MB
Moonday 0.37.8 MAC 35 MB
Moonday 0.37.8 Linux 23 MB 34 MB

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Not sure how to progress in the game, use effects, or talk to the alien (my x key doesn't seem to be doing anything). That being said, I love the vibe of the game and how comforting it feels. I like the worms that follow you as well. Keep up the good work.


I played ur game, now, my man, 2nd rule of dream jam is def limiting your potential for a great game, ignore that rule because clearly everyone in the dream jam does or at least most of them. I give it FOR NOW 5/10 because there are a few visual bugs, still the potential it has it can def easily reach an 8-9/10. For real just develop all you want.


Glad to see you enjoyed playing the game! Dream jam isn't really limiting me, thank you for the notice, generally we're moving the scope a little bit towards puzzle rpg currently, yet with all the same aesthetics and worlds nonetheless, just taking time to implement all the stuff^^

whats in the update?

In the 0.38 version from new features there's now functional in-game menu with audio and sound volume options and fullscreen toggle, preview menu for future effects, you can equip them and see sprites for each while facing south, changed tracks for the wheat field, night balcony, day balcony, crossroads and night barn areas, WASD keys work for movement too now. 

Thanks! Thats a lot of great improvements. Im happy fullscreen toggle finally got added

the music is so relaxing


mmmnnm cow girl...


I like the art and the mood, though,

I think something is brocke in the latest build. I can't talk to alien looking at sunset. I walked in circles every were and can't find way to progress.


It's actually just not implemented, don't worry! I'm still working on subsequent updates, hope you will be able to enjoy it to the fullest soon

This looks really promising! Looking forward to a more content filled demo!

the art is too good.  Hope there's an update this upcoming jam


The game is very pretty for a demo! The sprites are all well-done, and the colors are pleasing to the eye! I really love the hub area, as well as the rainy/plant area of the game! Can't wait to see it finished!


Thank you for playing! I'm continuing work on the demo and hopefully there will be a playable update in the late June this year :D

yeah but i didn t found objects sow i could talk whith the alliens if you can  tell me a link in youtube a walkthrought

hmm please help me just tell me the first thing to do and i don t understand the china words

This is the warning that a part of game is not ready yet, ahah! 

First thing to do, press Z in front of hay bale bed in the up left corner - then you can expore dream worlds to the left and right from the crossroad, hope it helps!

Deleted 1 year ago

can you make a screenshot so i could more understand or a small vid 

Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago
Deleted 1 year ago

yeah but why i didn t found thee objects mabe some little help from you 

There are no objects and effects in the game yet! This is a demo, so please take it for what it is, currently I'm working on the new content. And please, comment only once per question, thanks!

No sabia que el motor de ohrrpgce tenia esa capacidad, te quedo muy hermoso :)

Obrigada! Na verdade, isso é graças aos scripts do meu amigo Kiefer Nemeth para ohrrpgce, "Pixel Walker":

es genial :)

This is the cutest Yume game that I've ever played. I hope you keep working on it this game is really fun :)

I'm flattered! Yes, I keep working on it, slow but steady, thank you for playing and I will do my best to prove your hopes true ^^b

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Hi and thanks for this game.
For whoever can't start it on Linux, try run game executable (./moonday-linux/Moonday) in the installation dir. via terminal and check all debug messages.
In my case it tells me library is missing so I need to install a proprer package (on Ubuntu 18.04 and its derivates it would be libsdl-mixer1.2 package) and now game starts correctly.


Thank you for pointing this out! Yes, SDL libraries are required to run game on Linux, I'm glad you managed to figure this out XD

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A lot of antivirus scanners are identifying the embed icon as a trojan, you may want to try downloading a version without icon.

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I love the ayy-lmaos so much, really into all of it.