Moonday devlog #2 - Web build and coming art update

After a while, we're back with exciting news on the Moonday develoment! The new version of the demo (0.37.8) was released just yet, featuring changes in some features and bugfixes:

Migration to Godot engine was successfully done, with minor tweaks for now

  • HTML5 Godot port - now you can play Moonday right in the broswer!
  • Removed "talk to alien", ending prompt, sleep countdown interruption, Hollow Knight easter egg events, infinite looping of Koi Bog map
  • Save/Load and Option menus are currently dismissed
  • The concept of Objects/Effects changed to just one type of collectible - Effects, which are applicable to change Ushitsuki's appearance and abilities, but also required to proceed to the game's ending - currenly there's no accessible effects in the game
  • Fixed bug from 0.37.0/1 where desktop builds(Windows, Mac, Linux) were not playble because of missing .PCK files
  • Fixed application icon sizes
  • Intro cutscenes now can be skipped with "Z" key or A-button on joystick
  • Controller input is supported like in the 0.36, but there's no controls screen for gamepad in-game yet

During the Dream Diary Jam 5 I was happy to work with Nullifi, composer who remixed 4 tracks for Moonday for 0.37 release OST - Koi Bog map track, title theme, City map track and Barn (Daytime) track, and I'm glad to announce they are joining the development for the full release of the game, which is estimated to be around Christmas 2021 primarily on and Steam.

After over a year of working on Moonday, with a lot of breaks and distractions, I'm returning to pay attention there closely. And I feel that the game's art direction starts to feel a little dated in comparison to how my skills evolved over the time. That said, I'm going to overhaul the existing game graphics - in order to both be consistent with fresh upcoming content and reignite my passion for the game. Since, to be honest, no matter how I like the ideas and atmosphere which went there, being absent from directly working on it made my memories and feelings of this experience stale and lacking of "juice" X'D 

So we can expect new look and feel of Moonday to arrive around September 2021 if things go well, and a playable demo(I consider the current one rather an alpha build, so it will be a beta, the final before release), finally with some main gameplay such as effects and more new worlds, later same or the next. 

Also after realizing the gap between devlog entries is more than two months, "weekly" is barely actual anymore, so rather I'm switching it to "monthly" and planning to release more news in the August, stay tuned!



Moonday 0.37.8 Windows 23 MB
Jul 19, 2021
Moonday 0.37.8 MAC 35 MB
Jul 19, 2021
Moonday 0.37.8 Linux 23 MB
Jul 19, 2021

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