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I appreciate this game for its unique touch of poetry

omg this is so cute and the writing style is lovely!! <3

its a beautiful tale... i cried at the end! lovely game i  recommend playing it. :)

I'm trying everything in my power to get to run this  game on MacOs, but it doesn't work.... o(TヘTo)

What version of Mac OS do you have?

Can you describe what's happening or if there are any error logs?

Unsigned applications should be run with admin permission on Mac or sometimes it can block them otherwise

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I have the Mac OS Catalina

When  I open the game, it just opens a window but doesn't run the game o(TヘTo)

Alright, I'll see if compiling newer build can fix it, let me get in contact with engine developer first, thank you for reporting!

I've updated the game with a new Mac build, please check it out and see if it works for you! It should be runnable either just so, or with cmd-click>Open, or maybe through desktop app which usually helps with Mac games a lot.

Otherwise if this fails, please search for g_debug.txt or c_debug.txt files which are created temporarily somewhere in the game's directory when trying to run it.

Also you may try downloading the RPG file format player for Mac from the engine's website and running to open the .rpg file of the game:

Please let me know if you succeed with any of this!

Thank you very much, I'm reallly grateful (*๓´╰╯`๓)♡

very interesting game. I enjoyed it a lot.

"And this is the place they say I am meant to be at"

I see what you did there.

I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.

Is there enough characters to support Spanish language?

missing letter Ñ

even so I offer a service, it is not free

Before watching the video, I recommend you try the game yourself to avoid spoilers!!

This game is quiet interesting, the best part about is the humor it comes at you out of nowhere. It made me laugh a couple of time and the characters have potential very likeable. The thing is the game is short it felt like it ended very soon. This felt more like a demo and I think if it was longer we should have more of a background about the characters to be relatable. The art style is nice and different and the atmosphere it just sucks you in.

I'm a big fan of Visual Novels and I recommend you try this game yourself it's free and worth the time for sure.

Oh, great vid! You did great with sound editing, much enjoyed ahah! Yes, that was rather a "demo" kind of game since I only had about a month to make, for a game jam, thank you for comment and playthrough!



Gave it a Let's Play


Oh hey, nice let's play vid, watched through it!


Many thanks, fluffy cow.

A great game. Loved the retro art style.

Cool! Thank you for playing and shooting the video!


Hi! I'm unable to start the game on my mac...when I click on it, it opens a popup that says "The application “forget_me_not” can’t be opened." Do you know how to fix this?


I'm currently looking into that!

Do you see any .txt files in the folder with names like "c_debug.txt" or "g_debug.txt"?

Also, which version of Mac OS do you have?

No, just the "README" and "LICENCE-binary" ones. I'm currently on the latest version, which I believe is 10.15.7

Alright, I reuploaded builds, please tell me if you can run it now!

The 64bit one has the same issue, but the 32bit one says it has to be updated!

I see, I have contacted the engine developer, hope we can fix this issue, please stay tuned, sorry for the inconveniece!


I'm using google translator at the beginning just to say that I'm from Brazil, I'm sorry if you can't understand what I wrote.  ;-;

If you don't understand the text, at least know that I really liked your game, it is very beautiful.  xD

Olá.  Gostei do seu jogo, ele é bem bonito e os personagens são cativantes. Acho que consegui fazer todos os finais possíveis (eu acho, hehe), pois o jogo conseguiu me prender de uma forma, que fiquei curioso ao ponto de tentar desvendar tudo.  Vou dizer como foi  a minha experiência:

-Antes de fazer qualquer escolha que resultasse a um final, eu explorei o mapa todo. E de começo o som de fundo do ambiente me incomodou um pouco, mas com o tempo eu me acostumei. A melodia que toca quando se tem uma cutscene é bem bonita, poderia ficar escutando ela o dia todo.  xD

-E então vem a parte que ao mesmo tempo que me prendeu, me deixou bem confuso.  A história. Ela prende muito bem e as escolhas que se tem que fazer, também são boas. Mas... Eu senti que ela me deixou confuso. De começo eu estava conseguindo compreender de grande parte, mas no final, parecia que estava vindo muita informação e não consegui acompanhar direito. Não estou falando que a história é ruim, apenas que me deixou confuso. Eu sou de outra nacionalidade e estava usando o Google Tradutor para ler os diálogos (pois não falo inglês ;-;), acho que foi por isso que a história pareceu confusa para mim.

Mas enfim, o jogo é muito lindo e muito divertido, gostei bastante. Você fez um ótimo jogo, ficou muito bom! Valeu apena ter jogado. xD

Estou usando o google tradutor, espero que seja compreensível o suficiente XD


Muito obrigado por jogar, fico feliz que tenha gostado!
A melodia que você mencionou é uma velha canção inglesa "Green Sleeves", caso você queira ouvi-la novamente.

Sobre o ambiente, incomodou fisicamente? Tentei criar uma atmosfera um pouco assustadora e perturbadora, como para um jogo de terror lá, então tentei fazer parecer um pouco assustador, na verdade!

Além disso, devo me desculpar se a história o confundiu, eu estava com pressa por causa dos encontros do game jam, então está de alguma forma embaralhado. Você acha que sequências de diálogo mais curtas poderiam ajudar a transmitir informações melhor?

De qualquer forma, bom trabalho em encontrar todos os resultados possíveis de suas ações e muito obrigado por escrever este comentário!

Deleted 2 years ago

Thank you for such a sweet playthrough! You haven't died there once and that's cool, ahahah

Voiceover definitely got some character to it, was fun to watch :D

About the controls, I was wondering about that too, what is preferred configuration for players with German keyboard layout? 

Deleted 2 years ago

So I should warn qwertz users to change keyboard layout accordingly to play in such note? Alright, got it, thanks!


Hello, I played this game and I really enjoyed it, the art style was very cool, and the story was also very neat, good work :)

Nice! Thank you for playing and making the video, good job as well :3


The art is so pretty! I love the aesthetic and the story is nice. Wasn't quite sure what was a door at first, but I figured it out. Well done :)

Oh great and thank you! I'm glad it was interesting to play :D


I really really liked this! It was weird as hell but so good!!

WOOOOO, you're an absolute madman!
I love your voice acting so much XD 
I'm so happy you had fun playing the game, thank you for making this video, that was amazing to watch!!!


Haha, thank you so much!! 

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cool story

Oooh, thank you for the playthrough! Hope you enjoyed it as well.

It seems that the door placement on the sides of foyer wasn't obvious to figure out?